Thursday, November 13, 2014

Granny Square Flower Afghan - Crochet

Today's project is working on as many of these squares as I can. My son Ryland is out of school the next two days, which mostly means I'll be too busy to get much done. It's okay though, because these busy days are the best days! 

Something that I am learning from Granny Squares is how to work on making my tension the same with each stitch. Because I have only been crocheting for about three weeks this is definitely something that I know I won't perfect over night. Yet, I still really wish I could! Ha! I found this patter on Pinterest as usual and thought that it looked like something I could manage. So far they are pretty simple to make and I'm glad that I chose this flower to do. The color palate from the original model was a more subdued and natural looking choice, but I have to work with what I already have. This means bright pink and yellow daisies with an aqua blue border and the join as you go border will be made with a dark purple yarn. It's looking pretty awesome so far, but that pink sure doesn't photograph well in unnatural light. 

So far I have these three squares complete, about 6 additional flowers and maybe another 15 centers created. The worst part so far is weaving in the ends of the yarn. It really is awful. Granny squares are just too classic and adorable to decide not to do them just because of a little annoyance with ends. Maybe. 

I've got so many projects going right now that I have to settle in and finish some of them before moving on to anything else. So let's see where we get with this blanket and see what I bring for you tomorrow. I'm thinking I can share a knit hat pattern with you. I made the kids each a hat to wear with their Halloween costumes. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

For the pattern and an excellent tutorial on how to make these lovely granny squares please visit THIS wonderful page by Tillie Tulip. She does beautiful work!

Happy Crafting


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