Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Toddler Flower Headband - Crochet

My husband Nick and I were making sure that we knew what everyone was wearing for our Christmas card pictures this past weekend, when I decided that my lovely hair challenged little girl needed a little something to wear on her head. Luckily we got our outdoor family pictures in before the weather plummeted to to mid 30's and it was a wonderful 70 degree day that allowed her to have a pretty flower headband instead of a silly elf hat! When I had decided what kind of project to make I went to tried and true Pinterest, and found two different patterns that were perfect. 

I  made the headband from THIS pattern by Homemade Saturdays and the flower from THIS pattern by The Party Artisan. I used Sugar and Cream cotton yarn in Mistletoe. I used a I/9 hook for both the headband and the flower. I apparently don't have any buttons on hand. So instead of sacrificing an old shirt to get a button I made one from plastic mesh and the same yarn I crocheted the headband from. 

This headband turned out absolutely amazing! I could have simply used the flower pattern that was attached to the headband on Homemade Saturdays, but the flower I used was accompanied by a tutorial that really helped me understand how to make it. I am still fairly new to crochet and any pattern that teaches me will probably be my first choice. 

Aren't my babies just stinking adorable? I'm sure these Christmas pictures will be perfect! 

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